Well, that didn’t work like it had been intended to.

So I got a lidocaine and steroid shot to the back of my head to try and relieve the pain from the fact that one of my nerves was accidentally punctured by the needle meant to numb it when I was having radiofrequency ablation done on that nerve. (And yes, it was exactly as painful as this blog post intends on making it sound.) Normally these injections block all pain on that side of my head for about a day, and they markedly relieve the pain for the next few days — they’re meant to get you over the hump of acute pain. But I was only pain-free for a few hours before I could actually begin to feel the pain coming back where I had the injections, which has never happened before. So I’m not sure if these nerve blocks are as effective for me as they used to be, or what other options I should explore to minimize or eliminate migraine pain. Or it might be that those nerve blocks were administered because of traditional migraine pain and this was my pain management clinic’s first attempt at administering a nerve block for actual, acute nerve injury. I wonder.

Either way though, I’m miserable at the moment and am waiting for other pain medications to kick in…

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