This is just absolutely devastating news.

I was going to write a post about something else in here, but right as I pulled WordPress up to start writing I saw the GoFundMe for Kuma Crafts (Amanda Manarin) come across my phone through the Instagram app.

I’m devastated by her loss.

I actually own a few pieces of her jewelry, the Eternal Sailormoon brooch necklace and Sailorjupiter star necklace that were gifted to me because of when my kids’ birthdays are — Bub’s birthday is on June 30th (Sailormoon’s birthday), and Monster’s birthday is really close to Sailorjupiter’s. The necklaces are kept in a nice, safe place in my room along with the other necklaces that I’ve managed to collect over the years. When her shop opened back up in 2022 (which never happened because of… you know, her passing), I intended on adding several more pieces of her jewelry to my Christmas wish list since that seems to be an easier thing for people to shop for when it comes to me. Still though, I am thankful to have the necklaces that I do have.

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