I wanted to write a longer post here, but…

I have had an ear infection for a few days now (that I continue to get as an adult for… some reason, more than likely owing to how small my Eustachian tubes continue to be), and it has not gotten any better, so I feel like going to urgent care is not only the preferable thing to do but the necessary thing to do in this case. I haven’t been able to hear out of my left ear for a few days now because of how “clogged” and “stuffed” it feels, and this is usually something that quickly improves. It is not doing so in this case. There is also pain to be had with this ear, and since that pain is not only not going away but is causing me to need to take pain medication for it, I think it needs to be seen. I don’t want to be put on oral steroids for this unless there is absolutely no way around that, because my body can no longer tolerate prednisone like it used to and the side effects — more like adverse effects in this case — have become absolutely unbearable. (For instance, I frequently get full-blown fevers from “therapeutic” prednisone usage, and I do not like this at all. Not a bit.)

Maybe when I’m feeling better I’ll begin writing those posts that I’d intended to begun writing about sooner.

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