In “something that we all saw coming here”…

Even though I am not currently streaming right now, one of the… lesser-known perks of streaming (and by that, what I mean to say is “not a perk”) is having to report content for copyright infringement or theft of intellectual property if someone wants you to stream it or you come across it. Sometimes one thing falls under both of those parameters and you wind up having to report it for both of them. At some point I’m going to publish a post with the checklist that I use to cover myself if someone wants me to stream something whose source I can’t verify (although I’m getting closer and closer to the point where I’m not going to stream anything whose source can’t quickly be identified, because I’m not going to bother myself or waste my time wading through Google search results to figure that out on my own… that’s not my job).

This is kind of like streaming gameplay from a private server of a game on Twitch. Unless the game’s TOS explicitly allows this, it’s not allowed to be done on Twitch and it can get you, the streamer, in trouble.

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