Can I have some pain medication for this, please?

So I was finally able to get radiofrequency ablation done on the other side of my head. The only downside to that was the technician accidentally injecting the nerve itself with the numbing agent and the steroid rather than the space beside it, which meant that he had to go back in and numb up the pain that he caused the nerve by injecting it with… well, anything, because injecting a nerve with a needle to begin with is going to hurt. As the pain relief and steroid injections have worn off, I have come to be able to feel that side of my head again… to include where the nerve in question was literally poked by the needle (which was not fun, is not fun, and will not be fun for awhile, I suspect) and have not been able to turn my head to varying degrees of the right side. I’m well aware that to start to feel better from these things, you have to get over the hurdle of the nerve feeling really uncomfortable as it realizes you tried to scramble it… but one of my nerves accidentally got poked with a needle, so I’ve been taking pain medication as appropriate to counter that.

Fun times, said no one! And I fully do intend on getting back to streaming once I feel better from this, and once I stop having migraines every single day because that is the place that we are now at. Either that or I need to find better ways of coping with this level of frequency and intensity although I dislike doing so…

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