Hurry Up and Wait, the anti-climactic sequel.

Sometimes I get the most… amusing spam comments on here, I’m not even going to lie. Again.

Anyway, I wish that my insurance had approved my pain management clinic’s last request for radiofrequency ablation (also, and affectionately, known as “probes to the back of the head”) by the time the appointment that I had made for it rolled around… because even though they were given four weeks to do so, they managed not to get to it in time, which resulted in us having to cancel that appointment, and then after my pain management clinic contacts my insurance provider about why it had taken them four weeks to fail to make a decision on it, they approved their request the afternoon after I was supposed to be seen to have the procedure done. Sad face. That just means that I’ll have to wait until that rescheduled appointment comes around, which will be next week. I was at the mercy of the receptionist when she called me since so many appointment slots had already been filled for this month before the authorization for that procedure would have expired… which wouldn’t have been a problem if my insurance had approved it like they were supposed to rather than waiting four entire weeks to sit on it doing nothing, which didn’t happen last time.

I want off of this bureaucratic bus, please. I would like off of this bureaucratic bus, please…

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