We’ve finally solved the problem, so let’s do this.

I’ve resumed streaming now that the gaming PC is hardwired straight into the modem! Now that there is a more direct connection to the Internet, I only had ten or eleven slow frames… not five hundred (or worse, more) like I had been getting some of the time, which is great. I can and will definitely take that. Streaming at 720p was almost effortless, as were following Twitch Studio’s recommendations based on the computer that I was on and what my bandwidth and Internet speeds were. I tested it out with Among Us, and in the coming days and weeks I’m going to start (almost) all of the games over that I had been attempting to stream wirelessly so that I can get more hours out of streaming them on the computer that is currently hardwired to the modem. I’ve also been continuing to finagle with the Steam Deck setting certain buttons to certain actions in… certain games so that they are more playable, although I am seriously impressed with Valve’s level of commitment to making games optimally compatible with it, resulting in me having to let sometimes up to twenty games update each morning when I turn the thing on. Good times, am I right…

Maybe I’ll get Twitch Affiliate sooner than I had originally anticipated. At any rate, let’s finally do this, folks!

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