I never actually expected that this would happen.

Bub headbutted me in the side of the face hard enough to send me to the emergency room having to get checked out for a concussion and a chipped tooth that I’m going to have to have dentistry look at. I know that it was an accident, something that he did not mean to do, and something that he could not and can not control — it was part of a meltdown, and he’s autistic. So no, I don’t blame him at all for what happened. Luckily I did not actually get a concussion (although I did get a bad migraine that began to come on hours after the incident), but I’m going to have to get the tooth that he chipped like he did crowned, I do know that much. I found out that I qualified for CareCredit after applying for it on my phone while I was waiting in the emergency room, and it must have spoken to the severity of my injuries that I did not wait that long to be called back. I mean, I waited, don’t get me wrong… but I wasn’t there all night long like I could have been!

So this month is going to be… pretty fun, and I’m going to be really busy with everything that’s scheduled.

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