I think it’s time for another re-AOL post, folks!

Sometimes the randomly generated Guest screen names are amusing. I try hard to screenshot them.


As always, a lot of work gets done behind the scenes by devs (developers) to improve re-AOL’s stability and security, which directly translates to more people being able to enjoy using it, the chat rooms functioning better, Instant Messenges functioning better, the whole nine. One of the developers has been working hard on bringing us Slingo, though! In before a lot of the people reading this post go nuts, though: that’s the slots and bingo — portmanteau — that a lot of us who used this version, and subsequent versions, of America Online grew up playing because the only place that you could play it for the longest time… wait for it… was America Online. And man oh man, growing up did I love me some Slingo. I am going to love playing it again on re-AOL when Tommy brings it back for us. I savor the nostalgic experience of being able to play one of my favorite online games on something that I grew up with. You literally can not beat that, folks. Any of that.

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