So I’ve tentatively been streaming wirelessly!

I’ve been streaming wirelessly on Twitch, and I’m gearing up to become an affiliate once I meet all of the criteria. When that will be, though, I’m not quite sure — I just have to meet the requirement of average concurrent views (I have no problem nailing the rest of them), and mine are all over the place. I have been meeting some awesome people through networking my Twitch account though, and that has been awesome! At some point I do intend on having the gaming PC hardwired into the modem so we don’t have to worry about dropped frames or anything like that, and I’ve been looking into what I’ll need to have here at the house to make that happen. I was also given the recommendation to post about Twitch on TikTok (10/4, can do) because Twitch makes it hard for people to discover people that they would like to watch on Twitch. Most, if not all, of people’s discoverability comes from outside sources, and I’ve been posting about my streams on Facebook and Twitter. I do honestly wish that Twitch had better native, on-board discoverability.

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