In my spare time, I’ve been setting up Twitch.

I would just love to be able to stream games and do that as a thing.

It would work around my disabilities and our schedules in that I would be able to set my own hours. If migraines prevented me from streaming one day, I could do it on a day where they were more tolerable (or, better yet, mostly ameliorated by medication… I mean, you can dream, can’t you?), or if Bub and Monster needed more of my attention on any given day due to appointments that we would have to make our way to and back from, or even just because, the same principle would apply. Right now, I’m waiting for my arm to heal up more from the Staph infection that became cellulitis due to Bub’s pinching that broke skin, but only because it is my dominant arm and I don’t want to have to make clothing choices based on how the bandage would best be covered up to avoid people attempting to discuss it in stream chat. So we’ll see.

In the interim though, I have been setting Twitch up on our desktop and laptop! I’m thinking that I’m going to give Twitch Studio a go first because it does nearly everything that I would want something like this to do, and the one thing that I’ve been having issues with — setting Alerts in specific places — may be able to be remedied since an admin on a Discord server that I am a member of told me that they can reach out to Twitch themselves to see if it’s possible to fix this within the Twitch Studio program. I continue to hold out hope that it is and will be, but I also have a really sweet gameplay overlay that I got for this particular purpose that having the Alerts properly set in all of their places would make the most major difference with.

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