I mean, I should have expected this at this point…

I was supposed to get tested for autism yesterday, or so I was told… but all I had to do was put myself on the waiting list to be tested, and county testing can take anywhere from six to nine months. So I’m going to ask my psychiatrist about it when I see him next month (technically I see a nurse practitioner, but at a psychiatric clinic, so I’m sure that someone can get me in for the testing that I’m told I need there… I mean, it’s a full-blown psychiatric facility that caters to all kinds of diagnoses). I’ll do whatever I have to do to get the diagnosis on paper, especially because so many people have indicated that they suspect that I am autistic and I would like to have diagnoses for things that I have. There’s also the fact that my mother medically neglected me while I was a child, which I’m not entirely sure I’ve covered in here, but I do aim to cover it at some point. I know I covered the months that led up to her death, but I don’t think I covered the fact that she as my primary caregiver actually severely medically neglected me as a child, and neglected me in general.

I suppose I should come up with some kind of tag for this to make organizing it more easier.

I guess that will happen in time.

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