At this point, I should really have expected this.

Tomorrow the massive screw-up that was “let’s see if you suffer from medication overuse headache and, in doing so, limit the one medication of yours that actually works because we didn’t bother to read your medical chart where MOH has repeatedly been ruled out” should get fixed, but given that this is the War on Pain Patients I don’t actually have that much hope for it. Some doctors read my chart better than others, and the ones who I can tell didn’t read my chart suggest that I should take aspirin or Ibuprofen as needed for pain even though both of those things worsen my asthma — it used to be that I could more safely take them while on prednisone, although there were instances where I tried taking them with Benadryl and nebulized albuterol, but that didn’t sufficiently make them safe to take and it eventually got to the point where I couldn’t take them with anything unless I wanted to have worsened asthma as a result (which, obviously, I do not). In the absence of being able to take either one of those — NSAID-reactive asthma is a thing — I can only safely take what I am prescribed to take. I wish they’d prescribe me something long-acting that works.

I just want to be able to engage in hobbies and interests knowing that pain medication will somewhat help.

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