We now have a gaming and streaming desk!

Even though our washer… continues not to work as it should (and the decision is soon going to have to be made whether to try to replace individual parts in the hope that we’re able to figure out, and replace, what caused it to stop working, or just get a completely different one), our gaming and streaming desk is now put together. All I have to do is reorganize the wires at the back of the desk a bit better than they are and I think I’ve got everything on it that I need to have on it, let alone satisfactorily. And then there’s the more minor issue of making sure that the desktop is completely loaded, because although it is still impressively fast it won’t load the most recent version of Windows on it, and there are certain things that I’ve been able to get this one to do or load onto this one when it ran the previous version of Windows that… wait for it, that one gives me grief on, even though they are roughly comparable. I suppose I’ll find out the majority of it later…

Knowing us, in the interim we’ll probably have to buy a new washer though. This thing seems like it’s kaput.

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