So the person that was supposed to come out to our house to fix our dryer… literally never came out.

We called them to ask about it, and they claimed that we tried to make a “next-day appointment”, so they had to cancel it. We literally called them about our malfunctioning dryer on Friday and they gave us a Tuesday appointment, so this was not next-day. They offered us an appointment a week from the date we called to ask them about the missed appointment, but we declined (they were already showing how unprofessional they were), and instead we got a second dryer to replace the one that had died awhile back due to old age — that one was almost as old as my youngest son. We wound up being able to take parts out of the dryer that had irreversibly died of old age, and those parts powered the dryer that we tried to have get repaired by a third-party. So that saved us $300, quite possibly more than that depending on what the person that was supposed to come out looking at our dryer would have said after he’d examined it.

We also have two functional dryers now, go us! That’s the setup that we were running before all of… this.

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