Here we’ve got Omicron, screwing up more shit.

Since more and more hospitals are going back to doing only necessary surgery, the work-up for severe diastasis recti that I was undergoing seems to have to be shelved. Since I don’t intend on having any more children, it wouldn’t have been a significant bother for me to undergo surgery to correct it, and I could lower my dose of prednisone if needed such that it would be as safe as it was ever going to be — assuming, of course, that I ever took it again, which I don’t want to because my body has finally gotten to the point where it can no longer manage oral steroids without sometimes significant problem. I mean, if they do it at any point during this pandemic, they do it. I’d ideally like it to be done as soon as possible so that I can get it done and heal from it, but if it’s not safe to do because COVID-19 cases are once again climbing and we have a mutation out there that more people are susceptible to… then I’ll wait. Even though I won’t like it…

And the saddest thing of all is that this could have been picked up on years earlier than it was even noticed.

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