For the sake of posting something, here’s a post.

After giving it a lot of thought, I’ve decided to join the Coven of Satan (and Queer Satanists) rather than affiliate with The Satanic Temple. There were certain things about The Satanic Temple that did not sit well with me, although I continue to like the work that Shiva Honey does within The Satanic Temple. It’s all really confusing. However, I feel like it’s the best thing for me to do right now — my values align with the Coven of Satan and Queer Satanists more than they do The Satanic Temple, so it only seems fitting and right that I affiliate myself with the coven (or group, or temple) that best fits those values. I think I’ll keep the flag that I have for The Satanic Temple in my room and the certificate that says that I am a member, but over time I may cover those up with Coven of Satan stuff. It all depends. I need to check their shop out sometime, heh.

And as for my birthday, which is coming up, all I want is Etsy gift cards. I want kandi bracelets and perler necklaces. I’m finally living the life that I want to live and dressing how I want to dress (as when my mother bought me clothes and jewelry, it was never anything that I could actually wear, and it was apparent that she was dressing the daughter that she didn’t have because I was not and never would be that person).

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