Yesterday was baby burrito’s actual due date!

The OB that I had for that pregnancy kept “insisting” that it was December 2nd in spite of the fact that I have thirty-day cycles and Monster’s femur length proved that it was December 4th, but I don’t exactly trust the person who couldn’t bother to screen me for domestic violence for shit. He was actually surprised when he asked about the father of my child at my first postpartum appointment and I responded, “He’s in jail right now,” because he was literally sitting in jail as that appointment was taking place. Needless to say, I found myself another OB when I found out that I was pregnant with Bub, and I would have kept him as my OB/GYN were it not for the fact that if I do get pregnant again (and decide to keep it, because “threat to maternal life” still qualifies me for an abortion under Texas laws such that they are), the doctor that I see for my Depo-Provera shots is skilled in high-risk prenatal care and… yeah, I would definitely need that, heh.

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