Back at it again for the next… oh, several days.

Bub and I have continued to play Among Us more now that Christmas has passed, and now that they actually have more DLC out I’ve gone ahead and gotten that for him. We’ve made a sizable dent in levels and are learning the maps that we were less familiar with, like the one that they added in between us last playing and… now. One game was remarkably funny in that seven people saw us (Bub and me) do the medbay scan, which an Impostor can not fake, and somehow managed to decide to vote me out two rounds later, in the same game, which caused dead chat to light up as soon as I was thrown from the airlock like “crew is stupid this round” in all capital letters. To be fair though, they deserved it, and Impostors predictably won that game because they’d managed to kill enough members of crew or throw them from the airlock.

As long as Bub’s behavior is amenable to it we’re going to play plenty of Among Us this afternoon.

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