Another comment, since removed from Facebook.

Republicans in this state are obsessed with “proving” that disabled people can work and trying to “find jobs” for them, all because they seethe at the very idea that their taxes go to fund various means-tested programs for a lot of these people. Facebook took down this comment within about a hour after I had reported it, telling me that it violated their Community Standards on harassment and bullying. And again, I am choosing to redact my name but not this individual’s — I am going to make these people own exactly what they say, and if their jobs can be located (assuming that they, the almighty arbiter of the taxpayer dollar, have jobs… wouldn’t it be ironic if they didn’t?), friends of mine as well as myself will be sending unredacted screenshots of these comments to their job’s Human Relations department. Sometimes these departments take these things seriously, as they should, because they are technically reflections on their company’s ethics what with employees of theirs brazenly saying them. This just seems to be a thing that leftists do now… I support it.

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