You do realize that I run a tracker here, right?

The same people who complain that I view their Tweets when they misgender my friend and constantly call him by the wrong name are frequent fliers on this blog, sometimes going twenty-one pages back as they do so. You do realize that my internal tracker (Google Analytics, thank you very much) tells me all of this, right? In before some of you start claiming that it’s not legal or questioning the legality of it, it’s… literally Google Analytics. The only reason that it was ever even set up in the first place was because I wanted to know if Bub’s paternal grandmother and (one of?) her sisters were devoting hours to stalking me again because they have two extremely unique locations, and it would be impossible for them to say that “someone else from that area” viewed my blog in light of that. (This was actually something that was noticed by more than one state agency, too. The fact that this was happening. That they were doing this. I mean, it wasn’t “just me”.)

Sometimes expecting logic out of people is simply too much of an expectation, though. I’m just saying…

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