We are finally playing this game, friends!

Bub and I broke the fourth wall and decided to play Diablo 2: Resurrected!

It seems as though they’ve made some changes in terms of level requirement for various quests, as I had a friend rush me through Normal so that I could begin leveling up in the Secret Cow Level (I’ve played this game off and on since I was twelve, I figured that I didn’t need to go through all of the quests if I could help it… as Castiel from Supernatural once said, “I’m old, I think I’m entitled”). We found out that I was not a high enough level to do the Ancients quest in Act V, but somehow, for some strange reason, if I sat in town while partied up with someone who was defeating Baal, I got credit for that quest. You’re supposed to do the Ancients quest to get access to the area where Baal is at, the Worldstone Keep. And yet somehow you can still skirt around that even with this new level requirement if you are crafty and clever enough. This is equal parts amusing and annoying. But I do find it refreshing to be able to choose my character’s skill path…

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