In a bit more detail than the previous post.

So we’ve found a few interesting glitches in Diablo 2: Resurrected.

I let someone from a Discord server that I am on rush my sorceress through Normal mode with the intention of me using Mad Cow games (the Secret Cow level, whatever it’s called) to level her up because the requirement to access them is that you had to have defeated Baal, the big bad at the end of the game, at least once. However, we found out that the Ancients quest, which is supposed to spawn a portal into the Worldstone Keep where Baal hides, has a — what seems to be new — level requirement of… twenty, I think. You can’t even access the Worldstone Keep if you aren’t level twenty, even if someone goes in and throws up a Town Portal for you. The game simply will not let you walk through it. But strangely enough, as alluded to in my last post, if you simply stand around in town while your party members go kill Baal, you get credit for the whole quest and the game “sees” you as having completed Normal mode. And then, if you or someone in your party gets the required items (Tome of Town Portal, Wirt’s leg in the Horadric Cube), you can go right into the Mad Cow level. Secret Cow Level, whatever. Make it make sense. Because, right now, it does not…

The… whatever you want to call the cow level (your mileage may vary), is really, really fun to play though.

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