So I finally put Windows 11 on this computer, and…

It’s been an experience.

I also had 64GB of RAM put into it, which maxes it out, because I was thinking that if I maxed it out all I would have to do would be to open it up one time and that was that. Everything else seemed good enough… that is, until I looked at how much free hard drive space I had left (on an SSD, of all things) and realized that Windows 11 took up more hard drive space than I had originally anticipated even though I had enough to install it and have enough to run it. I’ve been removing some unnecessary apps that I don’t ever use, which has freed up some space on it, but I never thought I would have to do that on a gaming rig of all things. Before installation of Windows 11, I had roughly 100GB of free space, which wasn’t bad given the size of my hard drive. Now, with a lot of effort, I have nearly 50GB. For the life of me I am still trying to figure out what caused this sharp reduction in free hard drive space… other than, of course, the most obvious, Windows 11.

I also kept tabs on the Supernatural convention that took place in Denver, and that too was an experience. I can see why people have now begun to block Jared Padalecki on Twitter for their own personal mental health. I have never seen someone so expertly invalidate queerness in so few words in my lifetime, and I don’t think I will again because least of all I am not going to tune into anything else that Jared Padalecki headlines. I don’t think I should even have been surprised given that this is Jared we’re discussing, but still… I am. Just a bit. The bar was the floor and I still manage to be a bit surprised every time he reaches a new low.

As my friend quipped, you can still be a part of a fandom without letting certain parts of it abuse you.

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