This is literally a problem of their own making here.

One thing I always love: fighting in the fandom when you are on the same side.

This post is queued so is taking place a bit… after this started, but it’s still relevant. Of the people who ship Castiel and Dean Winchester together (Deancas, Destiel), there are people who ship this pairing and don’t really like Dean. They put up with him because Cas loves him and they like the pairing. And that’s not the first odd thing about this. They’ve spent a sizable portion of their time on social media shit-talking Dean, making fun of people who like Dean — even a little bit more than Cas, I like both of them equally so I can’t really speak to liking one of them more than the other — and generally being extremely rude about the problem that they themselves chose to create on social media. They literally completely made this problem.

Luckily for me, I have not actively been engaged about this even though most of the problem seems to be taking place on Twitter. And I’m probably going to choose not to engage unless Cas stans — one of my friends put it beautifully and wonderfully — engage me, and get extremely belligerent in the process. I’m trying to be the mature one here. It should go without saying at this point that the Supernatural fandom is alive and well, at least depending on how you want to classify the word well, even though the show ended almost a year ago (and simultaneously feels like the show literally ended just yesterday, believe it or not).

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