So I’ve decided to actually start using TikTok…

Yeah, I know.

Gen Z is all over it, but so are many of my friends, so I got drug into it.

Ironically, though, one of the videos that I took of Bub — him sitting on the couch, shirtless but wearing a short, playing with his iPad for a few seconds — was flagged by TikTok as violating community standards (the new way to say ToS, I suppose… TOS? ToS?), and I attempted to appeal it because it’s a short video of a shirtless boy sitting on the couch. TikTok upheld the claim that it violated community standards over minor safety, even though all of my friends who saw the video or the screenshot of the video agreed with me that TikTok erred in whatever assessment this was. (And yes, I was aware that I needed to charge my phone…)

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