Misha attends a convention. Fans lose their minds.

That’s all I’m going to say on that matter, although it is worth noting that he is finally allowed to answer questions about Destiel (the pairing of Castiel and Dean Winchester for those of you who are not knee or neck-deep in the fandom), and he’s allowed to talk about it. This is a welcome change from previous convention rules where none of the actors were allowed to talk about it at all, which has always been surprising given how supportive crew members were of it on the heels of “Despair” until everyone suddenly shut up about it. I’ve made the fact that no love is lost for the CW completely clear on my blog for awhile…

What I will mention, though, is that it was brought to my attention that the person who threatened to contact my children without my permission — my minor children, no less — and make pornographic Supernatural fanfiction available to them is attempting to circumvent what seemed to have been a permanent suspension of their Twitter account, making a new one with the same account name and different numbers. I’ve reported that to Twitter in the hopes that they do something about it, as have I taken steps to ensure that they do not directly contact me again by blocking them on my new account. If Twitter doesn’t do anything about their new account with my report (and the reports of others as well, it seems like), then I’ll begin contacting Twitter Support again as I had in the past to help get their original account suspended. A clear line was crossed when they threatened to contact my children without my consent.

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