I guess it’s that time of year… again, y’all.

Since the renewal for my medical insurance has come due for the second time this year, I anticipate having to continue to fight the state over leaving my children’s child support orders in non-enforcement. Normally this is a requirement for the kind of medical insurance that I have, but if one can prove to the state that enforcement efforts could cause some kind of harm to come to parent or child(ren), the requirement for enforcement can be waived with what is called a good cause waiver. I have pursued and kept these waivers for as long as I have had medical insurance under the state, although I was not made aware that Bub’s case qualified for one until 2014. Then came earlier this year when I had to fight for both of these waivers to be put back onto their cases because they were mysteriously “lost”, and I had to contact a lawyer in preparation to sue the state to make sure that Bub’s good cause waiver stayed on his case. Funny how all of that worked though — as soon as HHSC and the OAG were informed that I had begun to consult with a lawyer, both cases had good cause waivers applied to them that have stayed to this day. I don’t screw around with this.

As much as I hate reliving the incidents — the trauma — that causes these waivers to need to be sought, I will continue to do so again and again to protect both of the boys and keep us safe for obvious reasons.

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