“They ship w*ncest… or worse.” It gets worse, y’all.

One of my posts reminded me that I wanted to address a few more of the most prevalent, popular ships in the Supernatural fandom. (I’ve made it clear enough that I am an enthusiastic shipper of Castiel and Dean Winchester, also known as Deancas or Destiel, and self-identify as a Heller, which used to be a derogatory term for those who ship this pairing until they reclaimed it.) I’ve made some mention to those who ship w*ncest — Sam and Dean Winchester, brothers — and focus on how those who ship this… interact with those on social media, almost always to their detriment though they don’t seem to care how they come off.

Not minding how this is a “dark pairing” (usually relegated to corners of the web where those who also ship this pairing can more freely discuss it, not in the open) and not getting into the ethical, legal, and moral implications of this pairing — some of them have actually asked which of the United States incest is legal in for the… sake of this pairing, and that’s all I am going to say about that particular quote, I swear — those who ship w*ncest now seem to be more “in your face” about it than those who ship dark pairings usually are, proud of their pairing, flaunting it on social media… particularly in their Twitter bios. During an engagement with someone who ships w*ncest, they actually told me that they wanted to DM (direct message) my children and recommend rated w*ncest fanfic to them. This is not something that you say to someone under normal circumstances. Or at all, really. First of all, I limit how my children use the Internet — I don’t allow them to have social media accounts of their own, especially on sites that require the use of their legal names. One of my sons is old enough to use Facebook (writing that makes me feel a bit old, but anyway). Truth be told, neither of them are interested in social media at all and are more than content being allowed to use YouTube and YouTube Kids with me monitoring the videos that they watch on those apps.

That brings me right around to another point, though — w*ncest shippers have, at least in the past, gloated about how they’ve told their children about this pairing and tried to get them “in on it”. Not minding the ethical, legal, and moral implications of this again, what I do in the fandoms that I am involved in is my business, and my business it will stay. I haven’t gotten either one of my kids “into” Supernatural, even though one of them has watched a few episodes with me and ardently flips through my copy of the crew picture book. I don’t feel like I will ever share “that part of my life” with my kids, namely because it is not relevant to them at all. I’m not going to make them like Supernatural just because I like it. If they ever want to join a fandom of their own, I suppose we’ll talk about it, but at the ages they are right now and the stages of their lives they’re in, they don’t seem interested in that sort of thing, and their lack of interest doesn’t bother me.

Basically, a lot of w*ncest shippers are in your face about how superior they feel their pairing is to other pairings in the Supernatural universe, and they need to respect people in general — especially those who do not feel the same way as them — and be not… nearly in your face as they tend to get. That would be nice.

This is also going to be the first part of a two-part entry since this has gotten kind of long at this point, heh.

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