The curious case of the Jarpad stans, y’all.

Over my course of… being active in the Supernatural fandom, I’ve come to notice a bit of a division — namely the extremely enthusiastic fans of Jared Padalecki (Sam), or as some people like to call them, Jarpad fans/stans. They are a lot more enthusiastic over anything and everything Jared does as compared to fans of Jensen (the “Ackles Army”) or even fans of Misha Collins. As far as they are concerned, Jared Padalecki can do no wrong, especially when he has done wrong… there’s always another explanation for it. They ignore the fact that Jared has doxxed people going on the benders that he started to become known for in 2015, giving enough specific information about businesses and companies that he felt (or feels) has wronged him that the identities of individual employees have been divulged, even if it came with a bit of detective work. They ignore the fact that Jared goes on these benders to begin with, never apologizes, and has gone on these benders for years. The most recent one is the “et tu, brute?” one when he was not in the loop about the Supernatural prequel, galvanized his army of stans and had them raging at anyone and everyone even remotely involved in the fact that he — as someone who currently has nothing at all to do with the show — was not “kept in the loop”. He only “apologizes”, which is once in a blue moon to begin with, after his army has done substantial damage… and he knows exactly what he is doing. He is a grown adult. It is obvious that he knows exactly what effect his words, and galvanization, have on people. It bothers me quite a bit.

And, I mean, there’s the public intoxication bit and the drunken bar brawl Jared had, although we still don’t know if his drink was spiked and this caused him to behave in the manner he did (although he literally tried to evade arrest by flashing cash at the cops, I will mention that much, because that is 100% Jared there).

Don’t even get me started on the maskless jetsetting that he and his wife did to Italy, either.

There is clearly a problem within our fandom, and it is the behavior of the J1/Jarpad stans. I rest my case.

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