It gets worse… we have antis in our fandom, y’all.

Every time I end a subject with “y’all” on here we appear to go on a wild ride, so buckle up.

There are some people who are, for lack of a better way to put it, “against” the Hellers (they ship w*ncest, or worse, which I will write a separate post about), and their interactions with Hellers make it extremely clear. Some of them seek Hellers out on social media to let them know how they feel about their preferred ship — Castiel and Dean Winchester — and some of them do not let up interacting with Hellers when Hellers continually state that they do not want to be interacted with in such a manner and that they would like the conversation to end. That, and these antis (which I’m going to call them until I find a better way to describe them) circulate block lists amongst themselves of Hellers, which sometimes hilariously results in people being blocked, finding out that they were blocked, and having never interacted with the person in question.

If someone states that they wish not to be interacted with, be a decent human being and respect it.

And although I can’t believe that I actually have to state this, gleaning someone’s social media profile does not mean that you intimately know them, so please stop behaving as though scrolling through their Twitter timeline means that you know them on a deeply personal level. (Also, an anti decided to lie to Twitter and state that I had posted self-harm or suicidal content on my Twitter timeline when I had done no such thing. Twitter went through my timeline and confirmed that no such content was there. So on top of not leaving you alone when you repeatedly ask them to, they lie. Given the nature of this fandom, this is unsurprising.)

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