Let’s take a drive down drama highway.

This is Supernatural fandom wank in case it happens to confuse any of you. I’m sorry!

A few days before I decided to write this post and have it publish, a Tweet that I had sent the CW criticizing their queer erasure and pointing out the trauma that the series finale caused was liked by a Twitter account that looked like it was the official Chaos Machine Productions Twitter account (Jensen and Danneel’s production company). I happened to catch it, and screenshot it, because I had my phone in my hand waiting for one of my kids to get out of occupational therapy. I tend to keep my phone on my person unless I am charging it because it is their lifeline to doctors, specialists, and therapists, and in case I have a seizure — I have non-convulsive epilepsy that is mostly nocturnal, but I want to be prepared for the possibility of seizures… no longer being nocturnal, or no longer being just nocturnal — I can contact someone that I know in person if I am the only adult in the house. They will then call, and I will hand the phone to my oldest son. I go apraxic during almost all of my seizures now, but I can still write at least one word (“seizure”), maybe two (“having seizure”), and I can certainly store an automated message on my phone. At any rate, I screenshot the whole thing because they unliked the Tweet seconds later, and I understand that sometimes people running multiple Twitter accounts — one for home, one for work — might accidentally like something on the work account that they… should not have, which lent credibility to initial speculation that this was real.

And I mean, the official Batwoman account for the CW followed me for like… six months at one point.

It is what it is. So yeah. Anyway.

I posted the screenshots to my Twitter account in the interest of sharing it with the fandom at large and seeing what some of them thought. The next thing I know, I’m suddenly drowning in Likes and Retweets— no, just kidding, I wasn’t actually drowning, I love most of you and I was braced for the possibility of these screenshots landing like that. I did turn off notifications on my phone at one point so that my kids could play on it and watch YouTube videos as both of them are keen on doing. They also know better than to check my social media because I don’t allow either of them on social media, and because most of it is fandom-related stuff and geekery anyway, so it would go right over their heads. (But for the record, I would like to state that I do not view anything on my phone that I would not want them to, were they able to do so, root through and find even if I had cleared my history. I mean, I could, and just clear my history… but I’m not comfortable with even the idea of that happening, so I don’t. I also clear my history out of force of habit, that way when I do want to use Safari to search for something, I’m not drowning in the searches of mine I already did or the websites that I could have cleared but didn’t. I’m just a bit smarter than Dean when it comes to phones…)


Well, after a fun-filled twenty-four hours (some of which I napped or slept during), that account eventually outed itself as a fan account and made it clear on that Twitter account that it was not the real Chaos Machine Productions account. Honestly, I feel like this should’ve been done sooner to avoid confusion.

That’s just me though.

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