I’d just like to make antibodies to this, please.

My body wants to do prednisone. It is clearly whining for prednisone.

But I want to make antibodies against COVID-19, so I am going to delay prednisone for at least twelve more days. Given the kill count that COVID-19 has, it is in my best interest to make antibodies. If that means ball and chain to my nebulizer, taking Benadryl every four hours, I will do what I have to do. Due to my health problems, I am at particularly high risk of complications from COVID if I do manage to catch it. I would have gotten vaccinated sooner than I did, but I needed to be off of prednisone long enough to make this possible… I needed to be able to make antibodies to the shot. And of course my lungs are going to come in at the bottom of the ninth and try to fuck this up, but I’m not about to let them. Like I said, if I have to ball and chain myself to my nebulizer and take Benadryl every four hours, that will just be something that I have to do long enough to be able to make these antibodies. I’d rather not be totally defenseless against the real thing here.

I suppose I’ll see how this goes in the coming… oh, I know exactly when, twelve days. This will be fun.

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