I tried hard, y’all. I really and truly did try here.

After managing to stay off of prednisone long enough to get the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 shot, and then managing to stay off of prednisone for fourteen days (long enough to produce satisfactory antibodies, or so we’re hoping), I had to go back on prednisone — my spirometry clearly demanded it, and in no uncertain terms. That begs the question of how robust my immune system really is after staying off of prednisone for as long as I did and then practically bouncing back onto it, but it’s not as though I had that much of a choice given that we are in the middle of a global pandemic that the United States is not responsibly handling. I mean, just look at the Delta variant sweeping across it, and look how many governors we have who say that masks should be “personal responsibility”, refusing to mandate them in probable large part because they want to get re-elected and think that imposing a(nother) mask mandate would hurt their chances at said re-election. It’s really absurd. And we are living through what may be the worst of it.

I hate the fact that I needed prednisone to begin with, but in this case it absolutely was what it was.

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