I have finally, actually been vaccinated, people!

Yesterday, I was finally able to get the COVID-19 vaccine at my local pharmacy!

Well, the one that’s closest to my house. That happens to be where I stop in to get groceries.

I got the Johnson & Johnson vaccine because it’s one and done, whereas the other two aren’t, and… if I do absolutely need prednisone again for any reason, it’s a lot more manageable to commit to staying off of it for fourteen days when I am otherwise doing well than to have to do that an additional time, or even two more times (I’ve heard that the Pfizer shot may be one that you need to take three times to achieve sufficient immunity, especially due to the Delta variant that has begun to predominate). The risks that it has are no higher than the risk of complications from the medical problems that I do have, so I wasn’t concerned about those — two of the last times that I was on prednisone, I got a localized Staph infection and what was likely to have been an H. pylori infection in my stomach from immunosuppression. Even though my intent is to stay off of prednisone for as long as I possibly can, ideally never needing it again because other things could have been substituted for it and were, I realize that there may be limited circumstances in which I may need it due to the severity of my asthma or frequency and severity of my migraines… so I’d like to plan for that. However, like I said, I would ideally like to stay off of prednisone for the rest of my life simply because my body can no longer tolerate the immunosuppression that it brings about. That is, well, my chief concern with prednisone.

I can tolerate the rest of the side effects of prednisone… the ones that I’ve had, anyway. Not the bad ones.

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