Well, they never got around to fixing the energy grid.

We are being asked to conserve energy in this state and to prepare for the possibility of rolling blackouts as the demand for electricity has increased due to the high temperatures. One would think that the governor of this state would have learned something after the winter storm that we had in February, but it appears that he hasn’t learned anything at all. He’s been grandstanding about other, unrelated things on social media — bills that he has signed — in an attempt to distract from this after we as Texans were initially informed, which actually makes matters worse. I have been keeping my phone plugged in whenever I haven’t actively been using it due to this, not wanting the battery to be depleted in the event that a rolling blackout actually hits my area. And I wish I were rich enough to afford a generator, but I’m not. I’m nowhere near that rich…

Is it seriously too much to ask for an even slightly more competent governor at this point? Is it?

If a rolling blackout actually hits this area, I’ll be sure to write about it in here once my Internet connection has been restored (even though I do have a Wi-fi hotspot on my phone that I can activate if ever necessary, I try not to use it unless circumstances leave me with no choice or I really, really have to; I have 10GB of data).

Things like these make me wish that moving costs were cheaper and that moving was easier, though.

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