Just something interesting people have noticed…

Channels, but particularly TNT, are not playing episode nine of Supernatural’s fifteenth season (“The Trap”).

They skip right over it, even when it’s listed in TV guides.

The same can be said for the eighteenth episode of the fifteenth season (“Despair”).

The first episode heavily hinted at reciprocation of Castiel’s feelings on Dean’s end, what with his prayer in Purgatory and all… and the second episode confirmed that Castiel has romantic feelings for Dean, although even in spite of the popularity of this the CW wants to brush all evidence of it under the rug. It can accurately be said that this “ship” (romantic pairing of characters) kept Supernatural afloat for many years, especially when the Trending Topic Destiel reached the highest spot on Twitter’s Trending Topics list as “Despair” was airing for the first time. It beat out news about Russia and our election when votes continued to be counted in Nevada. At first, the CW appeared to be supportive of it… but as time went on, they aggressively began distancing themselves from all things Destiel, and here we are. The CW is attempting to rewrite history here.

Queer people shouldn’t have to settle for subtext or what little “scraps” they can get from media.

As a matter of fact, it might be plausible to guess at “The Trap” never having formally aired again since Supernatural ended. I’m not sure about “Despair”, but that wouldn’t surprise me either. It really seems like the CW wants everyone to forget about Castiel, his love confession, let alone the idea that Dean could possibly reciprocate that. They went from multiple actors praising “Destiel finally becoming canon” to no one official at all talking about it. That was one hell of a swerve. People wonder why the CW is being boycotted.

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