I swear, I am never actually doing prednisone again.

Until the next time.

Or I actually need it for my asthma or my migraines.

The list goes on.

At any rate, while on prednisone I managed to contract food poisoning or some kind of stomach infection… and if there is one thing that I can not stand, it is the feeling of nausea. I can cope with varying degrees of pain just fine. I can cope with nausea a lot less handily. I guess we’re two for two now in this whole “prednisone caused something that probably would never even have happened in the first place were it not for prednisone”. I don’t think I would have gotten the Staph infection on my leg that I did were it not for prednisone allowing it to become opportunistic enough to become a wound. And I’m almost completely certain of the fact that I would not have come down with food poisoning or whatever stomach infection I continue to work through were it not for actively being on prednisone at the time that it had taken hold, because my diet isn’t that varied. I also don’t eat anything that is raw or hasn’t been maximally cooked.

Weirdly enough, another feeling I can not stand is being too cold or too hot when I am trying to go to sleep.

But I swear, I want this to be one of the last times that I will have needed prednisone… for good.

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