I am actually beginning to feel a bit better now!

After doing some research to figure out what was the likeliest culprit, I am actually feeling well enough to consistently consume light meals as long as I do so slowly and they are spaced far apart from each other. I’ve decided to start taking all of my medication with something to eat rather than by itself, because my stomach has made it clear to all involved parties that it can no longer handle being… jostled, or not handled with care. Had this gone on for a few more days I would have had to present to the emergency room not being able to keep anything down, but I am so glad that has gone off the table. As mentioned in the previous post concerning this, I can tolerate pain a lot better than I can tolerate nausea of any kind. Pepto-Bismol became my best friend, and I tried as hard as I could to avoid direct contact with Monster and Bub so as to minimize the risk of transmitting this to them assuming that it could be done. So far, all’s well that ends well!

In addition to avoiding prednisone unless I am actively dying of something, I also need to continue to avoid NSAIDs (aspirin, Ibuprofen), albeit for different reasons. If the lining of my stomach is made thin by anything, that invites infections to settle that I would otherwise not have to be concerned with. I’m not repeating that.

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