Since we are still medicating this thing…

Since I don’t think I’ve mentioned it here, my primary care doctor referred me to a wound care clinic. Through that, we found out that I am allergic to the adhesive in Tegaderm (and no, WordPress, that is not “megadeath”), so I had to be given… something that’s slightly different, a bit itchier once it stays on my skin for a long enough period of time, but not entirely bad. I was also put on two different antibiotics, and predictably at high doses, because of the severity of this wound. If side effects from these continue I’m going to be calling, or conversing with, the wound care clinic before the fourteen days are up that I’m supposed to spend on the longer of the two and asking if I can just be put on IV antibiotics. Apparently you can do those at home if you’re competent enough to manage your own care, and I would like to give doing those a try.

As the generation Z kids say, I have regrets about this wound care clinic… to include the fact that they do not prescribe pain medication that is not lidocaine for wounds even when the wounds clearly need medicating.

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