DoorDashing on Bub’s dime: Subway!

Bub and I have a new… thing that we do, although we readily invite Monster into it as well.

It seems to be our special thing, and a way that we’ve begun to bond.

We use some of the child support that he receives on DoorDash. It’s a great way to broaden his palate, and it avoids actually having to go out and get the food, which is even greater in a global pandemic. So far we’ve tried Subway to everyone’s satisfaction, and I budgeted this into his child support payments as a weekly thing. At this point, I think Bub is “down” for anything that has copious amounts of bread in it. The person that Dashed Subway for us also read the instructions that I left them, which stated not to ring the doorbell because I didn’t want it to scare our dog or my kids. I told them that I would periodically be checking to see if our food was out there, and then I found out that you can actually track deliveries, which makes DoorDash even greater as far as I’m concerned. I think we’ll try some fast food items, to include ones that I haven’t had in years (does Bub like Arby’s? would Bub like Arby’s? let’s find this out at some point). This will be really fun.

I mean, this money has to be spent some way. Why not spend some of it on fun, educational, yummy things?

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