This still makes me mad, and it’s been days.

This made me mad when I read about it the first time, and this makes me mad now.

Some people still have PSPs, PlayStation 3s, and Vitas. A lot of people still play games on any combination of those devices. But because Sony wants to “allocate more resources” to the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 5, these older consoles are getting caught in the crossfire. What makes matters worse is that if your PlayStation 3’s internal battery depletes and you have no way to connect to the PlayStation Store that will soon become defunct on it, your PlayStation has no way to figure out what time it is, and this will render all of your digital games on it unable to be played. You know, games that you bought. I’m not sure what it will do with physical copies of games, but my hunch is that they’re going to be treated the same as digital games will be if the PlayStation 3 can’t connect to anything that will tell it what time it really is. This sucks.

I suppose my advice would be to make sure you’ve downloaded all of your games on any of these consoles that you still own, especially if you still play them. It might not hurt to put a new internal battery in your PlayStation 3, either… it will delay the inevitable by some time and let you keep playing all of your games.

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