So I have a new television set now, y’all.

My former (old?) television set kind of… fell forward and onto our PlayStation 4 and Wii U, causing the screen to get messed up in a way that was not fixable. It was also just old enough for me not to be able to replace it with an identical television from the vendor that I got it from, so I sucked it up and got the cheapest “new” television that they had with enough HDMI slots for all of our consoles and games to seamlessly play. With a button, I can also summon Hulu and Netflix… well, with two buttons, respectively. It is kind of surreal to do.

Whenever I do manage to get us a PlayStation 5, I’m going to have to switch out which HDMI cable is plugged in with the PlayStation 4 unless I get another splitter, which I already saw coming. I may get that splitter depending on how many HDMI cabels I have to plug in and unplug, though… it all depends on how organized these things manage to keep themselves, as sometimes things like these have the penchant for at least attempting to wander off. I’m still not entirely sure if I want to get the digital version of the PlayStation 5 or what, although I am also aware that I will more than likely be at the mercy of scalpers, although I’ve already found a few good scalpers with decent prices that I am considering buying from. I guess we’ll have to see how that goes. I’ve already chosen several games that I want to get us on this new console as well.

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