Lo and behold, I have more opinions on Walker.

I’m still not going to watch the Supernatural series finale. Ever.

However, I do have a few opinions about Walker as they relate to Jared Padalecki’s acting.

I feel like he didn’t take enough of a break between Sam Winchester and Cordell Walker, and it really shows in… well, everything. I also feel like he’s trying to carry the show as both lead and executive director (producer? not quite sure how to word this), and it’s coming across in nearly everything that Walker does. There are characters that Jared can act well, such as Sam, but a lot of that might have had to do with being paired up with Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester) and being able to play off of him. All in all, I feel like Walker is going to do a slow burn at some point and… not be renewed, and a lot of people are going to think that’s entirely Jared’s fault. Jared is trying so hard not to be Sam in Walker, though. That much is rather obvious.

When it comes to the show that Jensen has moved to, I will not be watching that as long as Jim Michaels has anything to do with it. Such a shame, too… I wanted to follow Jensen’s career, but I can’t follow him to The Boys in good faith right now. If Jim actually leaves the show at any point I might be more open to it…

I still miss what Supernatural had the potential to be with the final two episodes, too. I really do.

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