The problematic optics of CW’s Walker: part two.

Jared Padalecki is one of the executive producers of Walker.

That in itself is not a problem.

However, where inspiration was allegedly drawn for the show… is a problem. It’s a big problem.

Executive producers have admitted that they drew inspiration from Walker from the pain and suffering that migrant children caged at the United States-Mexico border are experiencing. They drew inspiration for a completely unrelated show from the pain and suffering of these children at the border. For some reason, they thought that this was good information to… put out there regarding the show. Every time I hear about it, see it, or have to tell someone about it, I am bothered that much more by how awful that truly is. That alone would have gotten me not to watch or support Walker, because not only is that disastrous from an interview standpoint, but the fact that it is now public knowledge makes it even worse. I’m sure that the caged children down at the border really appreciate being used as a PR gambit by the executive producers of Walker, because like I said… that’s all that really has to be said. And quite frankly, I find it sickly abhorrent.

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