The problematic optics of CW’s Walker: part one.

The straw that broke the camel’s back for me, as far as I was concerned with the CW, was actually a series of straws in succession — Castiel’s literal deathbed confession (“Bury Your Gays”), probably meant to bring viewers in to the show, Sam and Dean forgetting about Castiel by the second half of “Inherit The Earth”, Sam not calling emergency services or trying to do anything to save Dean, and the CW using pictures of Misha in their promotion of the final two episodes that Castiel was not actually in to try and keep those viewers watching who were only tuning in due to him. After Supernatural concluded, I decided that I disagreed with so many decisions that the CW had made — remember the #FreeCastiel hashtag when he was originally supposed to die, and stay dead, during the Leviathan era? remember how Charlie Bradbury had unceremoniously been dumped in a bathtub, killed by an actual Nazi? — that I would no longer be tuning in to any of their shows. And then they begin airing a “reboot” to the old Walker, Texas Ranger… but in this case, simply Walker. Jared Padalecki, Sam Winchester’s actor, would be starring in it, taking the lead role.

One of the biggest things that turns me off from this show is the fact that Walker has historically been a Native American character. To the best of my knowledge, Jared Padalecki isn’t Native American. So what does the CW do? They rewrite Walker’s entire backstory to sidestep this and make a white man attempting to fill a Native American man’s shoes more palatable. And for the most part, those who are faithfully tuning in, those who are major fans of Jared’s do not seem to mind this. But I mind this. I mind it a whole lot. Really.

It just seems like the CW wants to make Walker into their cash cow however it is lucrative for them.

A Native American man should’ve played that role. Walker’s backstory should not have had to be rewritten.

I am beyond done with the CW. Unless they stop making the mistakes that they make, I won’t be tuning in. It’s gotten to the point to so many disillusioned fans of Supernatural, and so many former fans of the CW, that this will continue unless it is harshly brought to the CW’s attention. I really don’t like writing these posts.

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