I’ve found the server that is just right for me.

I’d been a member of it for months, but I only recently began interacting with other people on it.

It’s a Supernatural server dedicated to two things: good discourse about the show and great fun.

I didn’t know that I would fit in to a server as well as I did until I began chatting on it, making friends that would follow me elsewhere to other social media platforms (such as Twitter), and immersing myself in a group of people that I fundamentally had a lot of things in common with. Admittedly, due to migraine medications my nuance about the show is a bit rusty — it’s also harder for me to come up with some of the words that I want to use, that I would otherwise have used, so I’ve stuck to the mainchat in the server (and the “salt chat”, which is a particular favorite of mine) and made it clear to anyone who might be curious that before I get into more detailed conversation, I need to be able to find the words that I would want to use better first. That may come with time, being on Gabapentin for as long as I have been, or I may continue to be at the level that I am now… which isn’t totally undesirable because, as I always say, “it could be worse”.

I don’t have to worry about “being too much of a fangirl of the show” on this server, though.

This server encourages discourse on the show from nearly all walks (and all “ships”) as long as it is kept civil.

I was known as the “Heller secretary”, and now I am the “office manager”, an adorably hilarious upgrade.

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