Organizing things a bit better than they were.

I organized all the consoles, and the cords that go from the consoles to the television, and… well, everything. Since we still have almost all, if not all, of our retro consoles it took some handiwork to ensure that everything that I needed to reach was within reach. And not so surprisingly, organizing everything made it simple to tell what goes where (beyond what it was already, which wasn’t bad), especially because I took a Sharpie pen to various things and wrote on them. HDMI 1, HDMI 2, AV/Component, what have you. At some point in the future I intend on organizing the games a bit better as well, and I’m probably going to start a Microsoft Word or OpenOffice file with the games that we have. I’m actually surprised I haven’t done that…

At some point I would like to start streaming gameplay on YouTube, which is what I am setting up for.

I’m just going to be doing it a bit differently from most streamers because I don’t inadvertently want there to be footage of Bub melting down or vocalizing unhappily, so I’m looking at adding audio from myself in after.

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