Holy shit, folks… this thing is seriously that fast.

You know that laptop that I mentioned? The one whose letter i I would have to replace?

I’m pretty sure that I mentioned it here, because (your) god only knows how many struggles I had with it.

Well, as it turned out, the entire keyboard was going out… and it was soldered on the bottom of the computer, beneath everything important, which meant that opening it up to replace the keyboard would have been dicey, and then you would have had to put everything back together on top of the keyboard and hope that you did everything right. When taking into consideration the fact that this one make and model of computer had like… between three and six different keyboards, and no one knew if they were cross-compatible with each other, I decided that the best thing to do would be to get a refund on the laptop since I would have kept it if the keyboard had worked. It was a bit of a shame because of the hard drive size and the price that I paid for it, but by paying a little extra on top of the refund that I got from that computer, I was able to get what some people like to call “a gaming rig”. The hard drive size was smaller, but the processor is extremely fast, and it can take up to a whopping 64GB of DDR4 RAM. I’m not actually sure whether I will max it out in the coming months or years because it already runs fast, but I do have one 16GB stick of DDR4 RAM that was taken out of one of the computers over the years that I might put in the empty bay in this…

I’ve also decided that I’m not going to watch the formal series finale of Supernatural at all. I tried to fast-forward to the end of the episode where Dean and Sam are reunited with each other in Heaven, but for some reason Netflix would not let me do that, so it is what it is. That episode is trash though and I’m not going to bother with it. Dean still deserved so much better than what the producers and writers gave him.

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