They can’t be bothered by commoners.

In news that should surprise no one at this point, I have not heard back anything from Twitter about the suspension of my account that occurred just before Halloween. They sent me one automated e-mail asking me if I wanted to continue to pursue the appeal, and I indicated that I did. Aside from that, I have heard absolutely nothing from them, and that account has not been reinstated. I’ve talked about it to friends who have had that happen to them as well. Some of them have actually gotten responses back from Twitter claiming to uphold the suspension, and other friends of mine haven’t even gotten the dignity of Twitter responding to them regarding the appeal. They just ignore it and never answer it. That said, I can see why people circumvent what are unfair suspensions, especially when Twitter themselves can’t be bothered to respond to the appeal that the account owner initiated. Friends of mine who have done this have used a different e-mail address to sign up for a new account, and they definitely use a different phone number since it seems like Twitter tracks suspensions by the phone number that is on file with the account. If Twitter wouldn’t suspend users over the most arcane, barbaric reasons, and if they could actually be bothered to respond to account suspension appeals from their castle in the sky, people wouldn’t actually have to do this.

It does stand as proof that if you engage in any form of leftist advocacy, social networking sites punish that.

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